Frequently Asked Questions
How does BOOMBA disintegrate in the water?2020-05-16T16:02:38+08:00

Made with advanced preparation technology, BOOMBA will disintegrate quickly when placed in water, immediately generating a large amount of carbon dioxide, and with the bubbles generated during the disintegration, the effect will be released in a short time, allowing the body to digest more quickly.

What are the characteristics of BOOMBA?2020-05-16T16:02:57+08:00

BOOMBA is made from nutrient-rich fruits and traditional herbal extracts. BOOMBA starts in the form of an effervescent tablet with a doubled effect and adopts advanced decomposition technology, which can effectively break down starch, body fat, and alcohol. In addition, it can also provide unlimited vegetable and fruit essence repair, supplement the nutrients needed in the body, so that you can always maintain a healthy and beautiful state.

Is BOOMBA suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers?2020-05-16T16:03:17+08:00

Due to the safety of pregnant women and lactating women using milk thistle is unknown. In other words, there is not enough information to support/confirm the safety of milk thistle during this period, so for safety reasons, avoid using it.

When is the best time to consume BOOMBA?2020-05-16T16:03:35+08:00

You can consume 1 BOOMBA after lunch, because the comprehensive enzyme can effectively break down the food into small molecules for absorption and digestion, without causing a burden on the digestive system. You can also consume 1 BOOMBA before going to bed, because between 11.00 pm – 3.00 am is the time for detoxification of the liver and gallbladder.

How long does it take to see the liver protection effect?2020-05-16T16:03:59+08:00

The replacement cycle of the human liver cells is about 120-180 days. This is simple because BOOMBA is not a medicine, give your body 4-6 months of conditioning time.

Can vegetarians consume BOOMBA?2020-05-16T16:04:15+08:00

Yes. BOOMBA does not have any elements that need to be slaughtered, nor does it have any meat ingredients, so it is suitable for vegetarians to consume.

Will there be any side effects by consuming BOOMBA for a long time?2020-05-16T16:04:38+08:00

BOOMBA is an all-natural health care product, without adding any food additives, saccharin, pigments, flavors, preservatives, etc., it will never have side effects, so you can consume with a peace of mind.

How does BOOMBA help to lose weight?2020-05-16T16:04:56+08:00

The comprehensive enzyme (lipase) contained in BOOMBA can help break down and metabolize excess fat in the body and avoid excessive fat accumulation. Therefore, in addition to taking BARDOX for detoxification, it can be used with BOOMBA to make the slimming effect more significant.

Can I consume BOOMBA after consuming alcohol?2020-05-16T16:05:26+08:00

Alcohol rash is actually an allergic reaction, and the patient may be allergic to alcohol or protein in beer yeast, hops, histamine, etc. As long as you drink plenty of water and give your body time to metabolize allergic ingredients, symptoms will usually ease within a day or two. BOOMBA can be taken after alcohol rash, the ingredients of BOOMBA can help reduce inflammation and accelerate alcohol metabolism, can fight sensitive reactions, and accelerate the recovery time of alcohol rash.

What is BARDOX?2020-06-15T14:26:29+08:00

BARDOX Nutri Detox Bar is a health supplement that combination of beauty, detox, meal replacement, slimming and health care. It is also the first and the most fashionable five-in-one health nutria bar in Malaysia. You just have to consume 1 bar can provide sense of satiety and promote bowel movement, meanwhile assisting individuals to restore their health and confidence. BARDOX contains different natural ingredients which is definitely the healthiest choice for everyone to consume the most nutritious and natural meal replacement and detoxification product at anytime and anywhere.

Why should I choose BARDOX?2020-06-15T14:27:05+08:00

It is a convenient, simple and fast 5-in-1 health nutri bar which can help to replace your meal with the function of detoxification and slimming. You can enjoy multiple effects without buying separately.

How to consume BARDOX?2020-06-15T14:37:16+08:00

During breakfast, tear a packet of BARDOX, chew with small bites alongside your favourite beverages such as milk, hot chocolate, soy milk, green tea & etc. It is recommended to consume with plain water if you use BARDOX as a low-calorie healthy snack.

What is the BARDOX features?2020-06-15T14:37:43+08:00
  • BARDOX is derived from New Zealand formula, with five main functions which are detoxification, meal replacement, slimming, health care and beauty.
  • BARDOX does not contain any banned or laxative ingredients, helps to promote bowel movements.
  • BARDOX is not dependent. Hence, there is no worry for any diarrhoea issues.
  • BARDOX has a mild cranberry, red dates, oatmeal taste which is not too sweet. It is very suitable for all ages. It is very convenient to consume, just tear and eat.
Who needs BARDOX?2020-06-15T14:40:35+08:00
  • Suitable for all, including man, women, elderly, kids above 7 years old, “3-highs” patients, fatigue, indigestion, bad breath, constipation, insomnia, anxiety, acne and dull skin.
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers are suitable to consume.
  • Children above 7 years old are recommended to consume half of the bar.
  • For those with special constitutions and pregnant women, it is recommended to consult your doctor before consuming it. (Pregnant women are advised to start consume BARDOX after the first trimester of pregnancy.)
When is the best time to consume BARDOX?2020-06-15T15:05:33+08:00
  • It is highly recommended to consume BARDOX during breakfast or an hour before bed.
  • It is recommended to consume one BARDOX per day, up to two per day.
  • The detoxification period of human organs is between 11pm-3am.
  • It takes about 7-12 hours for detoxification process to take place after consuming BARDOX (the effect will vary depending on individuals).
  • Consumers can arrange their consumption time based on their working time.
Is BARDOX dependent?2020-06-15T14:40:40+08:00

BARDOX is all-natural without side effects, rebound, dependence, or any laxative or medicinal ingredients, so it will not cause any dependence or rebound

How BARDOX does help to promote bowel movement?2020-06-15T14:47:11+08:00

BARDOX contains high-fiber ingredients such as oat fiber, apple fiber, wheat fiber, chia seeds, red dates paste, aloe vera & etc. which helps in gastrointestinal motility without feeling diarrhea. In addition, we must have sufficient water intake, at least 3L of water per day to have a smooth bowel movement.

Can I consume two BARDOX at a time?2020-06-15T14:47:57+08:00

It is recommended to consume one bar a day. You may decide to increase another one bar after a week. It is generally recommended to consume with milk, yogurt, fruits, nuts, dried fruits, oatmeal to make as overnight oat to increase satiety. Or, after taking BARDOX® and hot drinks, if you feel hungry, you can consume some small snacks such as fruits, steamed sweet potatoes, corn, eggs & etc.

How does BARDOX achieve satiety?2020-06-15T14:49:46+08:00

BARDOX has expansion effect when exposed to water, thereby achieving satiety and contributing to gastrointestinal health. Clinical experiments show the stomach will start to feel full after about 20 minutes.

What effect does BARDOX have for those who consumes fibre for a long time?2020-06-15T14:51:43+08:00

Most of the detox products in the market are powdery form while BARDOX comes in a bar. In addition to providing satiety, it is chewier. It can replace breakfast, can be paired with your favourite beverage and even made into overnight oats which is very delicious. Aside from fibre, BARDOX also contains cranberry, oatmeal, red dates paste, and other natural ingredients which are healthy and nutritious, and the excellent taste greatly reduces the desire to eat more. Hence, it is helpful for those who wants to lose weight and often skip meals. Furthermore, the technology used by BARDOX concentrates more high-quality ingredients in a bar which is very solid, without laxatives and chemicals ingredients. So, the defecation effect will be comfortable and effective after consuming BARDOX and it will not cause lazy bowel. BARDOX health detoxification also makes consumers healthier and beautiful.

Can I consume BARDOX after consuming alcohol?2020-06-15T14:52:33+08:00

You may consume BARDOX after drinking, the purpose is not to sober up, but to avoid hunger or to avoid overeating after drinking to affect the body metabolism.

Can I use ROLLIEPOP on my face?2021-03-05T16:11:17+08:00

It is not advised to apply it on the face. However, you may apply it up to the double chin area.

How much amount should I use on each application?2021-03-05T16:12:32+08:00

It is best to squeeze a coin sized amount on every application to achieve the best results.

Why do I see golden beads in the gel? Are they harmful to our skin?2021-03-05T16:13:48+08:00

Those golden beads that you see in the gel are actually Golden Beads which are rich in vitamin C&E, and it also provides protection from UV rays. Each bottle of ROLLIEPOP contains 10,000 golden beads in it. They are not harmful to our skin.

Are pregnant women allowed to use ROLLIEPOP?2021-03-05T16:19:13+08:00

Pregnant women are allowed to use ROLLIEPOP as the product consists of Lavender Essential Oil which helps to soothe sore neck/ shoulder and also muscle pains which are beneficial for pregnant women. However, it is advised that pregnant women to use it gently and it is best to consult their gynaecology before usage for safety purpose.

What happens if I applied too much massage gel on a certain area of my body?2021-03-05T16:18:45+08:00

There is no too much or too little, depending on each individual. However, if you feel that you may have applied too much massage gel on certain area, you may spread the massage gel across other parts of the body and then massage it after.

Why BARDOX Nutri Bar – Salted Egg?2021-06-19T17:06:13+08:00

New tasty interesting flavour for your indulgence.
It is a source of protein to help with building more lean muscles.
It is a source of fibre, to stimulate bowel movement and ease constipation.
It contains no trans-fat that will increase your “bad” cholesterol.
It is produced by automated facility and certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and HACCP to ensure high quality functional bars.

The salted egg bar contains Fat, where is the fat come from?2021-06-19T17:06:54+08:00

The salted egg bar contains cashew nuts and black sesame seeds which contribute fat in the product. The fat in the nuts and seeds are good source of fat which is beneficial for our health. The dietary reference intake for fat in adults is 20-35% of total calories from fat, which is around 44-77g of fat per day if we consume 2000 calories a day. A serving of salted egg bar provides almost 3g of fat, consumption of the bar will not lead to weight gain.

How does the salted egg bar help to promote bowel movement?2021-06-19T17:07:12+08:00

The salted egg bar contains soluble and insoluble fiber like fructo-oligosaccharide, soluble corn fiber, konjac and moringa leaf, which helps in stimulating bowel movement naturally. fructo-oligosaccharide acts as a prebiotic to promote good gut flora growth to help maintain the health of our gut system.

How does the salted egg bar achieve satiety?2021-06-19T17:07:38+08:00

The salted egg contains konjac that expands up to 50 times when it absorbs water, thus consumers can feel full after consuming one bar. The salted egg bar also has protein and fat which also contributes to fullness.

Can pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers consume BARDOX?2021-06-19T17:10:07+08:00

Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers can consume BARDOX, but there is no need to use BARDOX as a meal replacement. Because pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers need a balanced diet and nutrients. During pregnancy, the body tissue will become less sensitive to insulin. Therefore, during this period, more intake of high-fibre BARDOX can slower the release of blood sugar and make pregnant women feel full. Some pregnant women may also be experiencing constipation during pregnancy, so if you consume BARDOX with enough water, the constipation problem will be solved. In addition, the vitamins and minerals in BARDOX such as iron and calcium are the nutrients that pregnant women need. Date helps pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers need high-quality nutrients to give their babies the best nutrition, and it also helps increase the effectiveness of breastmilk.

Can children or the elderly consume BARDOX?2021-06-19T17:08:55+08:00

Yes, BARDOX is suitable for all age groups, anyone above the age of 12 can consume it. Children are in a period of vigorous growth and development, and they need a lot of high-quality nutrients to promote a healthy and energetic body. Allowing children to eat well and avoiding the accumulation of toxins in the body is one of the factors that protect children’s healthy growth. BARDOX provides balanced nutrition, promotes brain and bone development, and improves immunity. Therefore, it is also suitable for the elderly.

BARDOX contains inulin and honey, can diabetics consume BARDOX?2021-06-19T17:11:08+08:00

Diabetes is a chronic disease. It occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the body cannot effectively use the produced insulin. Change the way of life and diet, choose the right food and nutrition, blood sugar can be controlled. As long as you eat more high-fibre foods and reduce your intake of simple or refined starches, sugars, and high fats, your blood sugar can control your postprandial blood sugar rise. BARDOX is rich in dietary fibre, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, avoid constipation, and excrete toxins from the body. In addition, chia seeds have the properties of swelling after absorbing water (up to 15 times the weight of the seed) and high fibre, so it can slow down the conversion of starch into sugar in the stomach and intestines, so it can effectively regulate blood sugar levels.

BARDOX is rich in dietary fibre. Can people with constipation consume BARDOX? Will it cause more severe constipation?2021-06-19T17:10:58+08:00

BARDOX is rich in dietary fiber, which has excellent intestinal cleansing and detoxification effects. The water must also be sufficient. Drinking at least 3L of water a day will not cause more serious constipation. On the contrary, it can promote intestinal peristalsis, excrete stools in the intestines, and make skin tender. It has the effect of smoothing and rosy, protecting skin, and beautifying skin.

How does BARDOX help lower cholesterol/ blood lipids?2021-06-19T17:11:37+08:00

Many people have a bad impression of cholesterol and believe that cholesterol is harmful to the body. Cholesterol is an indispensable substance for the body to maintain cell integrity. One-third of the cholesterol in the human body is obtained from food and absorbed into the blood through the gastrointestinal tract; the other two-thirds are synthesized in the liver. Cholesterol can be divided into bad cholesterol (LDL-C) and good cholesterol (HDL-C). If the bad cholesterol is high, it will easily lead to arteriosclerosis. BARDOX contains oats, and oats are rich in dietary fiber and β-glucan, which can effectively absorb cholesterol/fat in the body and excrete it from the body, thereby reducing the cholesterol content in the blood, reducing blood lipids, and preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, β-glucan not only helps to slow down the increase in blood glucose content but also has a moisturizing effect. In addition, Bardox also contains chia seeds. Chia seeds are rich in dietary fiber and Omega 3, which can promote metabolism in the body, reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides, increase good cholesterol and reduce inflammation. It has a positive effect on the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases Chia seeds also have the properties of swelling after absorbing water (up to 15 times the weight of the seed) and high fiber, so it can slow down the conversion of starch into sugar in the stomach and intestines, so it can effectively regulate blood sugar levels.

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